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About Us
FETCH the Paper has been serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area since June of 2005. We’re the most comprehensive, informative, and fun resource around for people who have dogs (and we are multi-species inclusive, as well!).
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Our articles archive includes hundreds of expertly written topics on health, travel, humor, training, and things to do with dogs. We also speak out on issues of social importance.

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Supporters and Partners
WebbyDogs and the Noriko wigs store have both helped us get our message out to their customers and visitors, so we applaud them. Noriko Wigs, was originally a collaboration between by Rene of Paris and the hair alternative designer, Noriko Suzuki. The Rene of Paris Noriko Wig Collection was first introduced in 1995 and was considered innovative with the stated philosophy of creating a line of ready-to-wear wigs, rather than custom-made wigs that when viewed from any direction would look natural. They did not want their hair alternatives to look “wiggy.” In addition Noriko Suzuki and other designers at Rene of Paris wanted to offer a selection of diverse styles for the numerous different face shapes of today’s women. As a result the Noriko Wigs Collection offered colors ranging from traditional natural airbrush colors, to what they called Gradient colors with a unique fiber technology featuring multi-tones on a single strand. The gradient colors added a realistic depth and body for a distinct and contemporary look. Even though Noriko Suzuki has moved on from Rene of Paris, the wig line still carries her well known name.

Noriko Suzuki, the designer, has been a big supporter of the WebbyDogs outreach program for a number of years. Although she has parted company with Rene of Paris she now has her own line of wigs under the name of Envy wigs. Her new line of wigs under the Envy label offer sexy, sassy chic contemporary, classic / traditional styles. We are doing this shout out to Noriko Suzuki because we appreciate all she has done for our causes. So whether you are a wig maven or just wear wigs, consider buying a Noriko Suzuki designed wig. We think they are stylish.

DreamDrapes.com is another long time supporter. The maker of high end custom curtains and silk drapes has helped us via promotion and fundraising via outreach to their loyal fan base. Their custom made curtains grace our offices and have garnered rave reviews from designers and architects who recommend them to their customers. They have a very large fabric selection and their website makes communicating your selections a breeze. Please support this business – a valuable member of our community.

Also want to mention a new site one of our webmasters told us about. The site, LifeBac.com offers a medical alcohol detox program whose approach is different from the typical 12 step/ abstinence programs one usually hears about in the US. If you know of someone who is struggling or failing a 12 step detox/ rehab program check out this new approach to excessive drinking. The LifeBac program uses pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. The medication used is Baclofen . This drug removes or strongly suppresses cravings for alcohol in 92% of people. Initial clinical trials show that Baclofen has a 65% success rate for treatment-resistant alcoholics , allowing them to return to low- or medium-risk drinking. That’s right, this treatment doesn’t require abstinence although many people do stop all drinking. Amazingly, Baclofen doesn’t affect the taste of alcohol or the pleasure of drinking. The drug simply removes the addictive components that lead to excessive drinking and actually allows a person to drink in moderation. For quite awhile, doctors in Europe have been prescribing baclofen as the primary treatment for people who drink excessively. Do note that the Baclofen treatment does require titration where there is a slow dosage increase until a person’s cravings are completely removed or controlled. It also has some side effects which, I read, usually disappear within a few days. Considering that the success rate for AA and other residential 12 step treatment programs is only about 10%, if you are in the 90% failure group this is an approach you should check out.

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