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Alameda Animal Shelter
1590 Fortman Way
Alameda * 94501
Alameda Main Library
2200 Central Ave
Alameda * 94501
Alameda Pet Hospital
2275 Buena Vista Ave.
Alameda * 94501
Bank of Alameda
276 Otis
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Books Inc.
1344 Park
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Café de Ballena
1132 Ballena Blvd.
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Coffee for Thought
Webster St.
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College of Alameda Libraby
555 Atlantic
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2528 Blanding
Alameda * 94501
Dogbone Alley
1342 Park Street
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Duckers Ice Cream
1349 Park
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Feel Good Bakery
1650 Park
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1333 Park
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Julie’s Coffee & Tea
1223 Park
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Lee’s Donuts
Neptune Square
Alameda * 94501
Park Centre Animal Hospital
1410 Everett ST.
Alameda * 94501
Pet Food Express
2661 Blanding Ave., 9F
Alameda * 94501
Otis/Park Blvd.
Alameda * 94501
Providence Veterinary Clinic
1409 Webster
Alameda * 94501
Village Donuts & Bakery
Marina Village
Alameda * 94501
Vines Coffee Shop
1113 Lincoln
Alameda * 94501

I like to head east from Willow side Road and turn around at Fulton, making a round trip of just over 4 miles. Some of the surroundings include horses at pasture, vineyards, and nesting birds. Egrets are common; a blue heron frequently hunts or rests around the creek brush.
Options include walking further toward downtown or exploring some of the other creek paths to the north and west.

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